Todoist Guides – Episode-1 – Creating Tasks & Projects

Welcome to Episode-1 of Todoist Guides! We are planning to create a series of episodes about how Todoist works and how to use it. In our first episode, we are planning to see how to create tasks and assign those tasks to projects. You can also watch the video on YouTube here. Signup for Todoist and get two months of Todoist Premium by going to this link. Read the complete review of Todoist 2018 here.

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Restore Deleted Items in LastPass – LastPass Guides

LastPass Guides Restore Deleted Items

If you accidentally deleted one of the credential in LastPass, you can very well restore it. In this guide, we will see how to restore a deleted credential in LastPass. How to Restore Deleted Items in LastPass? Login to your account on a browser using LastPass extension. Please note you cannot access this feature on the LastPass mobile app. Go to your Vault. On the bottom left, click "...More Options". If you click the above link, it will show additional options in a menu format. In the menu, select "Deleted Items". It will show all the deleted entries like login…

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