Outlook for Android – Is it a Secure Email Client?

Outlook For Android

Are you using Outlook for Andorid? If so, read this article before continuing with it! Outlook for Android With no doubt, Outlook is a feature rich email client for Andorid. In some cases, it even beat the features of Gmail for Android. Particularly, for Office 365 and Exchange accounts, it is said to be the best. But whether all these things makes Outlook the best email client for Android? May not be. There is some serious security and privacy issue with Outlook. I was testing various email clients for my Android device and I want a single client to manage…

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Todoist Review – A Powerful Task Manager to boost your Productivity!


If you are a busy person with a life full of jam-packed schedules, numerous to-do lists, and dozens of things to keep in mind, then stability is one of the many things you need in order to get things done. Todoist is an all-around application that allows you to plan projects, delegate tasks, and track progress among many other features that can help you and your team be as organized as ever. In this article, we will talk about the features, pros, and cons about the Todoist app, but first, let’s cite a few reasons why you need a good…

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LastPass Review 2018 – Never Forget A Password Again!

LastPass Review 2018-tecdig

Need for a Password Manager Every year, millions of online accounts get hacked due to poor passwords. Hackers need less than a 30 ms to crack passwords such as '12345' or the classical one 'password'. Are you using any of these passwords or something like these in your online accounts? Wake up, it’s the time to change them immediately. You need to use a password of at least 8 characters long that has both alphanumeric and special characters. Biggest challenge one can face in using a strong password is to remember them. Writing them on a sticky note means you…

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