Let’s check our Privacy Policy

At tecdig, maintaining your (visitor) privacy is crucial for us. We promise, we never share your data with any 3rd parties. Information gathered is used only to apprise tecdig in various aspects and to increase user experience.

Record Files

Here is the list of information we collect when you visit tecdig.
• ISP (Internet Service Provider)
• IP (Internet Protocol) address
• Web Browser Information.
These data will be available in our record files or log files.

Cookie Policy

We may use 3rd party applications (such as Google Analytics, AdSense, etc.,) on tecdig, which uses cookies to/from your web browser. Cookies work as an identifier to recognize your web browser through transferring alphanumeric data to your computer.

At any point in time, you can block or temporarily disable these cookies using your browser settings. Keep in mind that by doing so; our site may not function and appear as it must be.

Cookies may collect some or all of the following information
• Host-name or domain name from which you access internet and web address of the website from where you were directed/redirected or linked to tecdig (in short, the referral details).
• Date & time you access the site and pages, you visit.
• IP address, operating system, web browser, the platform of your device from which you logged on our website.
• User data provided in the comment section.

Your Personal Information

Your name & Email address are mandatory if you want to contact us through our Contact page or to subscribe to our newsletters or RSS feeds. We can assure you that we never share your data with any 3rd party. Your email will only be used to answer your inquiries over mail, to reply your comments in the comment section and to send occasional email newsletters (which you can unsubscribe anytime using the link provided in it).

tecdig do not undertake any responsibility for the comments made on the website by the visitors. We do not entertain comments, which are not appropriate, and we reserve the right to allow or remove any comment at any point in time without notice.

Making offensive comments may block the users permanently. We will also delete any irrelevant comments intended only for building back-links.


We ensure the content published on tecdig should not violate Copyright norms. When we share information from other sources, we always give proper ‘source,’ ‘courtesy’ and ‘credit’ to the site of origin. Please get back to us immediately if you find any copyright violation through our Contact page.

Don’t reproduce our website content including text, media, etc. without getting prior permission in writing from us. We may take suitable action against such users as per governing Copyright Law.

Privacy Policy updated on 03-11-2017