Todoist Review – A Powerful Task Manager to boost your Productivity!

If you are a busy person with a life full of jam-packed schedules, numerous to-do lists, and dozens of things to keep in mind, then stability is one of the many things you need in order to get things done. Todoist is an all-around application that allows you to plan projects, delegate tasks, and track progress among many other features that can help you and your team be as organized as ever.

In this article, we will talk about the features, pros, and cons about the Todoist app, but first, let’s cite a few reasons why you need a good task manager on your devices:

Why you need a good task manager

For individuals, a task manager app is a great way to always be on top of tasks, to-dos, appointments, and schedules. Listing down reminders and things to do will allow you to free up mental space while making sure you don’t forget anything. Keeping a physical to-do list is great, but task manager apps help you keep your lists all in one place– an important thing for people who are always on the go and prefer the convenience of checking your tasks on your phone.

Teams, businesses, and companies also greatly benefit from task manager apps. In a group, organization and coordination are two of the most important things to have to make sure that everyone is in line with the work needed to be done. A task manager can help teams and businesses plan things, delegate tasks, and track work progress while making sure that everyone is well-informed and well-coordinated.

There are many task manager apps available today, however, only a few have the ability to make work and life easier. For this article, we will review one of the most popular apps for task management and productivity: Todoist.

About Todoist

Todoist is more than just a task manager app, and it is an integrated tool that has everything needed for productivity, organization, task management, communication– basically; features that are needed for a better and stress-free life.

The app was created by Doist, a company that prides in its globally-distributed workforce. Doist has established three main apps, which are Todoist, Todoist Business, and Twist. All of these apps have the same goal: to provide a place where individuals and groups can keep track of projects, tasks, and schedules to give way for peace of mind and less stress. However, these apps have a few varying features that we will talk about in a later section.

Features of Todoist

Todoist Webapp


The main app for Todoist has numerous features to organize every project, task, or schedule.

An easy to use to-do list

Of course, Todoist allows you to input tasks that need to be accomplished. The app is very simple to use and allows you to enter to-dos with corresponding schedules. On Todoist, you can also put in recurring tasks, so you don’t need to put it in every time (example: water plants every day or pay gym membership every 1st of the month).

Todoist Business is a great way for teams to plan, list, and delegate work. With the app, teams can assign a task to a specific person as well as set a due date for the work. Todoist lets everybody in the group is synchronized and organized with their assignments.

Prioritization and organization

Todoist is not just a simple to-do list. It allows for better prioritization and organization by letting you flag a corresponding priority level on each task. In this way, you or your team would know which tasks are urgent and which are not.

Moreover, you can organize tasks by simply dragging and dropping on the list, an easy way to move the more important tasks above less important ones.

Reminders for tasks

We can have a to-do list on our phones all the time but still forget a task here and there, especially if you are a very busy person. With Todoist, you can set a reminder for each task which will either send an email or appear as a push notification on your phone. You can set reminders at a specific time, date, or location. Moreover, you can create your own template for tasks or projects that are repeated often, so you don’t have to waste time re-entering every detail.


Todoist has a Project feature that allows you to organize tasks into different categories. This feature can make it easier for you to accomplish tasks according to its type, which you can, of course, customize according to your specific needs. For example, you can set up an ‘Errands’ project or a ‘Homework’ project in order to organize tasks much easier and faster.

For teams, Projects can better compartmentalize tasks according to the sub-group of people that would do them.


Tasks can become overwhelming in large quantities. Thus, with the label feature of Todoist, you can create custom, color-coded tags for your tasks that would allow you to be more organized and efficient. For example, you can add a label ‘@pending’ for tasks that remain unfinished so you can better prioritize.


Todoist also allows you to filter tasks according to different parameters, such as priority level and designation. This filtering feature lets you see different task views, e.g., ‘assigned to me’ and ‘assigned to others.’

Natural language processing

Perhaps the most important feature of Todoist, the natural language processing feature allows for utmost convenience since you can input tasks and the app will automatically recognize it. For example, typing in ‘Dentist appointment tomorrow’ will automatically schedule the task without you having to enter the date– a convenient feature especially for people with jam-packed schedules.

Progress and motivation

Todoist lets you see how much you’ve accomplished for the day or week. In this way, you can see how much work you’ve done, which tasks still need to be done, and can help you plan ahead with future work.

For teams, seeing the progress on Todoist ensures that everybody is on track with the tasks needed to be done. Furthermore, it allows the management to plan projects better in order to achieve a more productive workflow.

Additionally, the karma system of Todoist is a form of fun incentive system for you or your team. This feature allows karma points to be awarded to the user for each task done, which can be a pretty satisfying feeling and can give you more motivation to get work done.

Efficient communication

Todoist Business allows teams to coordinate with each other without the hassle of creating group chats and email threads. With the app, members can share files and discuss projects in the same place that they can see the work to be done.

Pros and Cons of Todoist

Todoist is an overall great app that is very useful for both individuals and groups. Unlike other simple to-do list apps, Todoist is an all-in-one task manager with task management, delegation, prioritization, coordination, and organization features that all contribute to its usefulness in combating missed tasks, details, and poor workflow.


  • Allows you to prioritize certain tasks
  • Can filter out tasks according to the priority level, designation, etc.
  • Lets you schedule due dates on tasks
  • Recurring tasks can be indicated to save time
  • Tasks can be organized into projects
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Lets you keep track of progress for the day, month, or year
  • Can add labels to tasks for a better organization
  • Allows tasks to be sorted by date, name, and assignee
  • Allows teams to collaborate and coordinate with each other
  • Comments can be added to tasks
  • Members can send messages and files to each other
  • Simple and practical
  • Devices are synced with each other in real time
  • Integrated with external apps (e.g., Google Drive, Apple Maps, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Has a Karma feature which can motivate you and your teammates
  • Apply different themes to match your style
  • Cross-platform availability


• Certain features are only available for Todoist Premium. For instance, Reminders are available only on Premium version.
• Not very customizable in terms of font style and size
• Has a limit to 200 projects. Learn more about other limitations on Todoist.


Todoist is free to use, but the free version has limited functionality. To get features like Reminders, Labels, and Comments, you would need to purchase their Premium version of the app. The premium version costs $3 per month or $29 per year.

Final Verdict

With so many to-do lists and task manager apps available, it can be difficult for people to select an app with all the features that they need for themselves or for their business. Generally, we tend to look for feature-rich apps that are still easy to use and can be truly helpful in our work. For Todoist, we take a look at the app’s features, most importantly, along with its overall design and layout.

In an earlier section of this article, we delved into the features of the Todoist app. The main feature of the app is task management, which allows users to input upcoming tasks, to-do list style. However, unlike a simple online to-do list, Todoist lets you schedule these tasks easily by just clicking a date on a calendar (or typing it in).

Then, Todoist also has a prioritization feature that allows you to tick the level of priority for each task. In this way, the most important tasks are given the highest priority versus less urgent ones. Aside from that, a task can also be labeled for further organization, and this can be done by simply adding, for example, @unfinished to a task.

Todoist can also help you categorize your tasks through their Projects feature. Projects are custom categories that you can create wherein you can group your tasks according to, for example, #Personal or #Errands. Each task can be quickly added to a project just by adding a hashtag to it.

For busy and working people, ticking off each task can be so satisfying. Todoist does more than just give you the satisfaction of finishing a task, and it also gives you an overview of your progress or productivity. On the app, you can see the tasks you’ve completed per day, week or month. Plus, it also gives you a karma system which can be a great motivator for both individuals and team members.

Todoist for businesses offers simplified task management for teams that need better organization, delegation, and productivity. With Todoist, everyone on the team can be kept in the loop with the work to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done without the hassle of emails, meetings, and work chats.

Although these are awesome features that allow for a stress-free life, Todoist does not have all the features that can be useful for everyone, and some aspects can definitely be changed. For instance, Todoist does not allow you to see all the tasks assigned to you from all projects without filtering; there are limited naming conventions for labels, and the free version of the app has limited functionality (lacking in many important features). These are just some of the user complaints that the app has received, but still, the positive outweighs the negative in this case.

Considering the pros, the cons of Todoist are very negligible. So, we at tecdig rate this app 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a simple, straightforward app with great features despite the few things lacking about it. In conclusion, we would definitely recommend both working individuals and business teams to try out this app (the first 30 days of Premium are free) for better organization in the workplace and, of course, a more peaceful workflow.

Organize your Life using Todoist!

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